Lido Pimienta - La Papessa

Camino a La Papessa
On the road to La Papessa

Let me tell you something about Bro “culture”…

Let me tell you something about that time a bunch of bros in a car told me to suck their dick as I rode my bike - told them to fuck off. On that same night, waiting for the light to change another bro in a car took his hand out and GOT A HOLD OF MY ASS - I smashed their car window with my bike lock - got on the side walk and rode my bike far away from there, fast. The money they had to pay to repair their fucking car which for some reason makes bros feel powerful, does not pay for the shame one feels when ones body is someone else’s playground, because we are brown/black/indigenous/trans/queer - therefore unworthy of respect, and my “big booty” is asking for it, I am asking to be over-sexualized, otherwise I wouldn’t be flaunting it on my bike on my way home right? - today I learn that one of my soul sisters riding her bike got a fucking slushie thrown at her while biking home as well, she lost her balance, and now she is hurt. She is a gangster, poised, beautiful intellectual womyn who will not make a big deal about this, but I will coz I don’t give a fuck about bro culture and I don’t lie about loading water guns with pee - I carry that shit and now I WISH a motherfucker would fucking touch me or my majestic friends - if you fucking have any idea of who would dare do something like this, show me his bro face so I can spit on it!!!!! So much love to my people experiencing passive aggressive bro kkkulture - fucking hell…..

La Guajira, Wayuu territory // La Guajira. territorio Wayuu 

Fotos (July 19,14)

Visita a mi familia - El amor y la tristeza viendo como mi familia en este lado vive  despues no verlas en 3 anios// Family visit - the love and the sadness, coming back after 3 years and seeing the conditions in which my family up here lives.

My notes, to “celebrate” the “independence” of Colombia:

Y bueno, pasar 20 de Julio en Colombia, después de haber pasado casi un mes aqui por fin al lado de mi familia en La Guajira Wayuu, viendo como a mi gente en nuestro territorio nos roban mas aun que al Colombiano Arijuna/común, no se siente muy bien. El caos de los carros en Barranquilla y como pretenden volver a la ciudad en “Miami” copiando la arquitectura mas barata de mal gusto de ahi es preocupante - la situación con la frontera con Venezuela quizá la peor que he vivido en años. Que orgullo Colombiano hay después de James Rodriguez? Y que estupidez y racismo interno tan grande que la gente aun proclama “Nación gloriosa”? Cual gloria si mis vecinos no tienen que comer? Vuelvo a Canada en 10 dias, al menos me voy inspirada, con amor y cosas reales para integrar en mi musica. Aqui vine y grabe las voces y musicas de mi gente Wayuu por lo menos, antes que vengan un Britanico, Gringo o Cachacho de mierda a robar lo que es nuestro, mas que el maldito gobierno de KKKolombia. //

And well, spending 20th of July in Colombia, after bieng in my family’s embrace for almost a month now, seeing how our people, the Wayuu in our territory suffer most from the injustice of a corrupt government. It does not feel too good. The chaos from the overcrowding of cars in the city and the stupid attempt to make it a sort of “Miami” building the tackiest condos is something to worry about. The situation with the Venezuelan boarder is incredibly difficult. What more pride can we carry as nation that is not James Rodriguez? What silly “Glorious Nation” are we celebrating when our neighbours have nothing to eat? I will be back in Canada in 10 days, but still, I leave this place inspired, full of love and realness to include in my music. I have been recording the music of my people, the Wayuu, and I am doing it myself, before a fucking Brit, “Yankee” or White Colombian decides to steal it from us, like everything else, due to the KKKoruption in KKKolombia.


American History textbooks more like

Chapter 1: Introduction to White People
Chapter 2: White Settlers and The Indian Savages
Chapter 3: Whitey Makes A Country
Chapter 4: The Blacks
Chapter 5: Wars, Wars, Wars
Chapter 6: No More Racism!: Martin Luther King Jr. Gives a Speech
Chapter 7: The Modern Whites

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Oh KKKanada our home ON native land by Lucian ;)

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